Westport Trading Europe Limited (WTL) is an American Corporation founded in 1998 as a provider of the latest global technology, all types of engineering works and a wide range of industrial equipment for the oil refining industry. In the course of its activities, WTL gaining experience and extending has became a successful EPC Contractor, implementing Turnkey Projects for the oil refining industry.

The corporation has built and commissioned several units at refineries in Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation and the former republics of the Soviet Union. Recently, WTL has completed several projects for the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TNGIZT). Considering this region has unlimited opportunities to use its potential, WTL continues to participate in rapidly developing Turkmen oil refining industry. Subsidiaries in Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi and Seydi provide administrative and engineering support to the Corporation’s operations in Turkmenistan, where WTL is currently completing the construction of the Delayed Coking Unit (DCU) and Tar-Deasphalting (SDA).

The Corporation’s headquarters is located in New York, USA. WTL has over 60 employees worldwide, with offices and representative offices in North America, the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan. The ability to value the experience of achievements in the competition allows us to succeed today and therefore ensure success for our customers, partners and employees.


For about 20 years WTL has been providing a full range of works on design, construction, installation and reconstruction of industrial and engineering infrastructure being fully licensed to perform these and the related activities.

Industrial constructions are the major element of any production infrastructure consisting of multipurpose facilities such as production, storage, amenity, office and auxiliary units. Properly designed industrial constructions must strictly comply with the set technological requirements, fit into the existing structure, ensure high technical and economic parameters to provide for an effective capital investment. It must be reliably operative and provide for an opportunity for further extension of the production without any delays.

A design of an industrial construction must consider all the process requirements. The developed project must strictly comply with the application requirements and incorporate its specific features. It is also critically important to properly design the communications and engineering networks and systems, for their flawless functioning is essential for the production.


Construction of a manufacturing facility for industrial applications is a complex process that involves the installation of large metal structures as well as the setting up of integrated technological systems, which requires a high qualification of engineers and trustworthy construction methods as it immediately affects the safety of the personnel and the integrity of the equipment.

In order to improve the efficiency of the works WTL together with the leading research think tanks is engaged in the development and implementation of their own-patented technologies.

Patent No. 2209826
The method is designed for producing petroleum coke to allow regulating the quality and amount of the rerunning feed to increase production of the feed and coke as well to reduce energy consumption per unit of the produced coke.

Patent No. 2265639
The method relates to producing road bitumen from petroleum residues of vacuum distillation of highly paraffinic crude oils through reducing the content of paraffins in the residues to acceptable levels.

Patent No. 2618820
The method for producing petroleum needle coke by delayed coking, characterized by premixing heavy gas oil of catalytic cracking with an extract of furfural treatment from oil production in an amount of 20-30% of the mixture. Light and heavy coking gas oils are used as a recycle with a recycling ratio of 1.5-2.0.

Patent No. 0375989
The method of delayed coking of petroleum residue allowing to produce high quality and high yield needle and anode cokes.