The design process of industrial facilities consists of several stages. Upon receiving technical specifications from the Customer and signing the design contract, WTL engineers begin to develop a basic project to gather initial data about the future facility, determine approximate timeframes and the scope of work considering the purpose of the facility, its technical characteristics, quality indicators, technical, economic and other requirements. At the same time, the design and survey work is being performed, including a comprehensive study of the natural conditions of the site at which the facility will be erected, creating an environmental impact assessment, etc.

At the design stage, the basic principles of the project, as well as solutions to the Customer’s individual requirements are worked out. A final list of materials for construction and equipment is drawn up, and a final estimate for the project is provided.

Upon approval of the design documentation, working documentation is developed to ensure compliance of the technical solutions adopted in the approved design documentation that are necessary for construction and installation works, provision of the construction with equipment, products and materials, etc.


WTL organizes and conducts construction works respecting the set timeframes and ensuring compliance with the allocated budget, reliability and quality of the constructed structures. Construction is the main stage of the project which accounts for the largest amount of work and resource costs. The quality of work at this stage has an immediate effect on reliability and durability of the erected structures and its compliance with the Customer’s requirements.

WTL performs a wide range of works related to construction of industrial facilities including feasibility study, design, construction and installation works on the terms of general contract, installation of engineering networks and process equipment, commissioning of the facility.

WTL has an extensive experience in construction of industrial facilities. Our specialists are always available to assist you with your project of any complexity, including supply, arrangement and installation of all required equipment.


When it comes to procurement, supply, technical and warranty maintenance of equipment and technologies WTL is here to help you. The professional and competent work by WTL at this stage will ensure the success of the entire project. WTL directly cooperates with developers, manufacturers and official representations of manufacturers of modern equipment and technologies.

Direct contact with manufacturers and developers is of great importance as it allows you getting the necessary equipment or technology at minimal prices.

Facilitating a production with the process equipment and servicing of the new equipment is of paramount importance. The seller’s ability to provide warranty services on time is essential, as even a minor breakdown of high-tech equipment can lead to a halt in the entire production process entailing financial losses. It is for that reason that WTL carefully checks the warranty documentation and contracts for the supply of equipment and technologies to ensure a well-timed quality service.


WTL activities include not only the development of construction projects, but also the implementation of a number of stages of the project during the construction. These are the supply of equipment, installation and commissioning.

The installation of industrial machinery at the facility requires knowledge of the installation features of the relevant equipment and the technological line being assembled. Commissioning is the final and critical stage of the construction. At this stage, possible flaws in the installation may be identified. Therefore, the quality of commissioning works largely depends on the level of technical expertise and experience of the specialists.

WTL conducts a wide range of montage works for process equipment, mechanical infrastructure and industrial facilities including decommissioning of the existing equipment and its disassembly, equipment rigging, pre-assembly of metal structures, final installation, assembly of utility systems, protective constructions and eventually commissioning and startup of the project.


Over the years of our dedicated service, WTL has earned the reputation of a reliable partner capable of delivering transportation solutions of any complexity. We are sufficiently experienced to develop the most effective mode and route of transportation of your cargo, perform auxiliary works (paperwork, insurance, packing, loading, unloading, etc.) and ensure a timely and reliable transit, tracking and delivery of your cargo to the point of destination.

The company conducts a wide range of transportation and logistics works to support the construction and modernization of industrial and transport infrastructure. WTL develops optimal logistic schemes of transportation to deliver your equipment, building materials and components.

We will assist you in organizing buffer warehouses in ports (import/export), evaluating capacity of the stations receiving the goods, developing cargo loading and securing schemes, applying proper loading and fastening technology, performing assembly and disassembly of removable parts to ensure timely delivery of spare parts, additional components and assemblies to your site.