Scoping Study

Scoping study is the first stage for each project for the construction of industrial facilities and structures.

The purpose of the study is to give the investor an answer to the question of whether to invest in the project. The more thorough the calculations are at this stage, the less time and money is likely to be spent at the follow-up stages and the construction of the facility.

At the stage of scoping study, development of an effective financial scheme is of the primary value. Scoping study is a set of measures in the course of which the architectural, technological and functional parameters of the construction object are determined as well as the economic and social feasibility of the project is evaluated to define technical features of the facility and formulate achievable goals of the project.

WTL has an extensive experience in conducting pre-project studies. The highly qualified specialists of our company perform the study using modern technological tools which allow obtaining the most accurate design characteristics of the future facility.

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