2016 - Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery

Scoping study for the delayed coking unit (DCU) and tar-deasphalting (SDA) unit being constructed at the TCOR.

1. Project Name: Scoping study for the DCU and tar-deasphalting (SDA) unit being constructed at the TCOR.
2. Project Brief Description: Evaluation of the technical condition of the units and determination of scope, cost and terms of the construction works to be completed. The DCU unit is designed to process heavy residue of oil refining, while the SDA unit is used for solvent extraction of paraffin-naphthenic hydrocarbons from tar-deasphalted oil for further production of oils.
3. Project Location: Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan
4. Timeframe (Start and End Date): 2016
5. Customer: Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries
6. Design Engineer: State Unitary Enterprise “Bashgiproneftechim”
7. Project Outcome: A detailed proposal for the TKNPZ was prepared outlining the scope of works, cost and feasible terms for completing the construction of the units given their actual technical condition. The inspection results were reported and submitted to the TCOR.

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